Finnish Chin-Up Association

Finnish Chin-Up Association (Suomen Leuanveto ry) is a registered association that organizes and promotes chin-up competitions in Finland. We organize official competitions in two events: chin-up repetitions and weighted chin-up.

While our national championships are for Finnish citizens only, the Finnish Cup competitions welcome participants from anywhere in the world. Please, refer to our competition calendar for upcoming meets.

Chin-up competitions have been held in Finland since the early 1980’s. Since the launch of the Finnish Chin-Up Organization in 2013, the number of competitors have been increasing rapidly. The 2014 Finnish Weighted Chin-Up Championships gathered around 100 participants.

The very first World Pull-Up Championships will be organized in Espoo, Finland on June 15-16, 2019.

In case you are interested in starting a chin-up organization in your country and work in co-operation with us when it comes to standardized competition rules and overall concept, we would be happy to help you any way we can. Please, email us at